Whether piano lessons, keyboard lessons,

guitar lessons or bass lessons:

Our musicschool offering is aimed at all,

who wants to learn to play music.
For children, adolescents and adults,
from beginner to advanced,
up to studing at a music highschool.
Everyone can be active as an single student or in ensembles.

We offer the following instruction types:

Piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass

30 min private lesson

30 min Group of 2 students

45 min Group 3-4 students

45 min master guitar lessons

60 min ensemble lessons (free)

(only for students our musicschool)

30 min free trial lesson

We teach our students in a very flexible and enjoyable way.
Our approach promises professional teaching with audible successes.
We offer a wide variety of teaching offerings, where the musical preverences are developed together with the respective teachers.
We welcome all genres , be it pop, country, jazz, latin, folk, rock, pop, soul or classical music (and more).
All this is complemented by a range of ensemble opportunities that guide to making music together.

Come and meet us, you will be amazed

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